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Leave your thoughts on Liam and Natasha in our Tributes forum's own Father Tim on loss and death has learned exclusively that Natasha Richardson will be laid to rest in the town of Millbrook in Dutchess County,  near the home she shared with husband Liam Neeson. 

Meanwhile the New York City medical examiner's office said that the results of the actress's autopsy, which was carried out today, reveal that she died of “epidural hematoma due to blunt impact to the head." She hit her head Monday while skiing.
Medical Examiner Ellen Borakove released a statement saying that Richardson died of  "an accident" and recorded that time of death as 7:26 PM on Wednesday, March 18. 
Richardson, wife of Irish actor Liam Neeson, was 45.
In tribute to the actress, Broadway theaters will dim their lights this evening, at exactly 8:00pm for one minute.
Neeson has said that the family is devastated and has appealed for privacy. Neighbors reported seeing Neeson in tears near the family's home on Tuesday. "He was weeping and looked distraught and just so out of it," said Kara-Lynn Vaeni. "My heart was broken for him."
Neeson, 56, her mother, Oscar-winning actress Vanessa Redgrave, 72, and two sons, Michael, 13, and Daniel, 12, had kept vigil at the stricken star's bedside after she was flown from Canada to Lenox Hill Hospital in New York on Tuesday.
Richardson and Neeson supported many causes over the years from the arts in New York to the victims of the Omagh bombing.
In 1998, Liam and Natasha donated nearly $100,000 to the families of the victims of the bombing in Omagh.
The money came from a libel action that the couple won after the Daily Mirror alleged their marriage was over.
They gave the money away to help others rather than take it themselves.
Neeson and Richardson met when Neeson made his Broadway debut in 1993 in “Anna Christie." They were married in 1994 and later made the film "Nell" together.
Neeson himself was almost killed in a motorcycle accident in 2000. He was riding his bike in upstate New York when a deer ran in front of the bike, causing a terrible collision. Neeson suffered a broken pelvis, broken heel and a number of abrasions from the accident, and spent months undergoing grueling physical therapy.
Ski resort statement
The ski resort where Richardson fell issued a statement Tuesday which said Richardson had appeared fine after the accident. "Ms Richardson fell during a ski lesson but she didn't show any signs of injury. The ski patrol looked at her and reported that she was laughing and joking.
"'They told her to see someone but she insisted that she was fine and just wanted to go back to her room. The instructor and two members of the patrol accompanied her to her hotel room.
"She refused to see anyone and signed a paper saying she didn't want to see a doctor.
"After an hour or so she said she had a headache, then they called 911.”