Heriberto Viramontes (30) and Marcy Cruz (25) had their charges upgraded on Thursday morning.

They were previously charged with aggravated battery and armed robbery in the attack of Irish student, Natasha McShane, and her friend, Stacy Jurich. The attack took place under the old Bloomingdale Line viaduct in the 1800 block of North Damen Avenue.

The two accused are being charged with attempted murder having savagely attacked two women with a baseball bat in Bucktown, Chicago last month.

This attempted murder charge is just part of a 25-count indictment for the vicious attack and robbery on April 23.

Prosecutors said that Viramontes, in need of quick money and drugs, decided to go to the Wicker Park / Bucktown area specifically to look for possible robbery victims. Cruz drove Viramontes to the location and waited in the van as he beat the two girls around the heads and backs with the baseball bat.

Having left their two victims for dead Viramontes and Cruz were spotted on CCTV trying buy gasoline and cigarettes in a nearby gas station.

Cruz also riffled through the girls purses which Viramontes and stole several items including a cell phone which she later smashed when she heard the police were on their trail.

A bail bond for Viramontes has been denied while Cruz’s was set at $1 million.

Jurich is recovering at home now while McShane remains in a rehabilitation centre. She is conscious but has limited brain activity and remains in a serious condition.

To donate to either of the victims click on helpnatasha.net or stacyjurichbenefit.com.

McShane's attackers charged with murder