A group of over 100 men and women plunged themselves into the Atlantic Ocean stark naked for one of six “Dip in the Nip” charity events taking place this year. For the first time in Ireland, a mixed gender, naked charity event raised much needed funds for Hand in Hand, the children’s cancer charity.

The beneficiary of the funds raised is a west of Ireland charity, which supports the families of those affected by childhood cancer.

“The Dip in the Nip” charity was established in 2008 by the CEO Máire Garvey. She thought that on the first time out about 50 people would turn up. She was surprised to report that 180 people turned up and raised over $75,000 (€56,000).

This year there are six scheduled dips. This Sunday’s, on 26th February, was the first of the year. There will also be four midsummer dips at different locations around the Ireland on the 24th June, for local cancer charities. On 30th September the Men’s Dip will take place in Wicklow in association with Blue September.

The more the merrier!

Here’s a video of a similar event last year in Sligo, launched by Terry Wogan: