A commercial featuring naked actors and actresses in a promotion for Richmond Ham has been given the ax after it failed to indicate that the ham is actually produced in Wicklow, Ireland.

The ad - which features strategically positioned nude actors - certainly caught viewers’ attention. A “huge” 371 people called in to complain about the ad and its use of nudity, citing that it was "inappropriate for broadcast at times when children were likely to be watching."

However, what caught The Advertising Standards Agency’s (ASA) eye was the fact that the commercial proclaims that Richmond ham is “Britain’s only ham made with 100 percent natural ingredients.”

While that may true, Britain can’t claim ownership of the ham since it’s made in Wicklow.

Kerry Foods, the manufacturers of the product and advertisement, countered the complaints by saying the commercial demonstrated a “well-adjusted, comfortable and completely non-sexual attitude to the human body.”

The Advertising Standards Agency (ASA) agreed that it was "light-hearted" and "not sexual in tone,” but still pulled the ad after “concluding that the claim was misleading.”

Ironically, the ad features a line that says, “Oh Richmond Ham, you have nothing to hide.”

Check out the commercial here: