The mysterious sign from “a naïve wife”, posted on a lorry at the side of a motorway in Dublin, may be linked to a series of presidential election boards.

The poster which went viral, after being spotted on November 8th, reads “Golf is a passport for a dirty weekend away with the lads. Wake up girls . . . A naive wife.”

Social networks have been abuzz questioning who is responsible for the sign located near the N2 slip road towards the M50, one of Ireland’s largest motorways.

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The only clue the poster gives is the “TUD” initials it’s signed with. According to the Evening Herald these initials were found at the bottom of presidential election posters.

Speculation concerning the identity of the author has been rife on social networks and it has now emerged that boards which appeared before the presidential election were signed with the same initials, 'TUD'.

Last month, before Michael D Higgins was elected as the ninth President of Ireland, a posters on M2 motorway, leading to Dublin, read “Toll Here: Tax to fund the presidential election', 'Toll Here: Cars - €2.00, Trucks - €10, Builders + Bankers -- Scot Free”.

On Thursday this week the “Ray D’Arcy Show” on Today FM radio received two pence coins with the same initials. The coins also had messages against the European currency. The messages included “Heads I win, Euro you lose” and “Told you it wouldn't work”.