Conor Brady, a 24-year old Irishman who was visiting  Las Vegas from Washington D.C.  with friends from Ireland, was found dead Saturday morning near the loading dock at the well known Hard Rock Hotel in the city.

Police say that the body of Conor Thomas Brady was discovered on the ground at 7.35 a.m  on Saturday.  It is  speculated he had  fallen.

His  traumatized friends are still in Las Vegas and are unaware of how he died. Six friends had flown out from Ireland for a two week vacation to be with him.

 Police have ruled out any foul play and have not described  how he fell or from where. He was pronounced dead at the hotel and the Clark County coroner is carrying out a full investigation.

The Las Vegas Sun reported that a preliminary investigation, “Did not indicate anything suspicious in Brady’s death”

Brady is originally from County  Sligo in Ireland, but he had been living in Washington, D.C., where he was a marketing executive with the Irish Dairy Board. He was a well  known and successful Gaelic footballer and rugby player.

The Friends had come out from Ireland and they had planned the Las Vegas vacation together.

Local politician Michael Clarke stated the group, which includes his nephew, are devastated.

He told the Irish Mirror: “They’re in absolute bits, and I mean shattered.

“They’re barely fit to talk and it’s worse that they’re so far away and we can’t comfort them.

“All our hearts are broken because Conor really was a very popular young man.”

On his Twitter page (@conobhradaigh), he had described himself as an “Irish lad living in D.C. huge fan of all codes of sport. I have been known to enjoy a few beers at the weekend and have the craic.”

On the 29th of October he had tweeted “picking up some panache for the Las Vegas weeknd.”

His Twitter picture shows a handsome young man smoking a cigar while gazing out on water.

In his home county of Sligo and in the tiny townland of Skreen the former GAA star was deeply mourned.

He is survived by his mother Maureen, father Peter and younger brother and sister Donal and Shauna. A family member was en route to the U.S. on Tuesday.

It turns out he was the second casualty from Sligo in recent months.

Gary Feeney, from nearby Templeboy, died in a construction accident in Saratoga Springs, New York when a pipe fell on him when it was being unloaded from a trailer.

Conor’s uncle was also tragically killed in a drowning accident 28 years ago at age 22 just before he was due to return home from Australia.

The Local Councilor Michael Clarke also said he was “an extraordinary young man and the local community is traumatized by his death.”

He said Brady was a “distinguished football and rugby player" and extended his sympathies to his family.

“This is too much grief for any community to bear and to lose two young men in such a short space of time is simply devastating.

“Of course this will bring back a lot of pain for Gary’s family but everyone is just trying to rally now to support Conor’s family as they wait to get his body home.

“His parents are trying to be strong but this is so tough for them all, especially since Conor’s uncle also died tragically abroad.

“They’re hoping to have his body home at the weekend but it’s difficult to get information and right now they’re still trying to find out exactly how he died.

“Even the boys who were with him don’t know.”