The family of the man whose remains lay undiscovered for three months in Wexford,
have described him as a person of “many sides”.

The body of Alan Moore (61) was found by local police at his rented home in Wexford town on Sunday March 18, when a woman noticed a Christmas tree still alight in the house. Police discovered his remains in the bedroom, in an advanced stage of decomposition.

Unable to find next-of-kin information in his rented home, authorities eventually got in touch with his family in Manchester England after they posted a notice in a local paper.

On Wednesday, his two brothers Philip and Stewart Moore, made the trip to Wexford for a funeral service. They had not seen their sibling in 23-years.

Church of Ireland Reverend Ron Graham told the Irish Independent that while he did not know Moore he had learned he was not a "a great mixer or a great socialiser", but an educated, intelligent man, who was a gifted musician, singer and songwriter.

Stewart recalled his memories of a brother who loved music.

"Alan was a man of at least two sides if not more. There was the side that we knew, the boy we grew up with as children, who stole apples from orchards, chased each other through the streets and kicked a football with.

"Then there was the extrovert who liked nothing more than taking to the streets to busk. Music was his one true love in life. But there was possibly a third side, the introvert that we didn't know," said Stewart.

"We are not the kind of family who live in each other's pockets. We respected Alan and the kind of life he wanted to live," Philip explained.

The two brothers expressed their gratitude to the people of Wexford for their concern.

"We have been approached by so many lovely people who said they felt genuinely guilty about what happened. We want to say that nobody in Wexford should reproach themselves over what happened to my brother, he chose the kind of life he led, he was happy in that life," said Phillip.

Following a cremation in Dublin on Thursday, his remains were to be sent to his family in the UK.

Watch a report on Alan Moore's death below:

lan Moore's brothers Philip and Stewart at the memorial service in Mullingan's Funeral Home.Irish Independent