The Irish businessman who claimed he was kidnapped by Russia mafia has gone missing again – this time of his own free will.

Galway based property developer Kevin McGeever had baffled Irish police with his eight month disappearance.

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Now he has checked himself out of hospital and left no forwarding address for the police.

McGeever was found wandering on a remote road in County Leitrim and in a distressed state a fortnight ago.

He told officers that he had been abducted and a million dollar plus ransom demanded from his family.

The Irish Independent reports that since then however he has been unable to supply any details about his captivity, why he was abducted or by whom.

One officer told the paper: “He left the hospital and did not indicate to us where he was going. We will continue with our inquiries but have no idea where he intends to stay in the short term.
“But I am sure we can track him down if we need to talk to him again.”

Police say they have made little progress in solving the mystery of the 68-year-old’s whereabouts since he says he was abducted by three armed men from the garden of his mansion home in Galway last year.

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Relatives have told the paper that they are surprised he is out of hospital so soon.

One family member said: “We have been in the UK for the past five days and had no idea that he was getting out,” said one family member.

A former business associate told the Irish Independent that does not believe McGeever will return to his Galway home which has not been lived in for some time.

The friend said: “I’d imagine he’ll go to Dublin. The house is not even liveable, none of the rooms is finished. But that place will be full of unhappy memories from workers picketing outside demanding they get paid.”

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