A Muslim man has gone to the High Court in Ireland demanding that he be allowed bring in his second wife to Ireland.

The native of Lebanon, where polygamy is allowed, says his polygamous marriage must be recognized.

Liam Egan, a member of the Muslim Public Affairs Congress, told the Irish Sunday Times the man was being discriminated against unfairly. “It is draconian to treat this family differently,” said Egan.

“Ireland discriminates against Muslims seeking citizenship by asking them to sign an affidavit. The state should not be interfering in families like this. It is silent on adulterous affairs but the moment you try and do something honourable by bringing a woman into a marriage, even a polygamous marriage, there is an issue.”

The man first entered Ireland some years ago and claimed political asylum which was granted. It is believed there are numerous other cases involving second or even more wives awaiting the court's verdict. British law allows only one wife to legally emigrate.

Liam Egan says the Koran allows Muslims to marry and “love each of them equally.” The Immigrant Council of Ireland says the case highlights the need for the government to deal fairly with the issue.