MSNBC firebrand Lawrence O'Donnell read Donald Trump the riot act on his show on Monday night.

O'Donnell has reacted with scorn and incredulity to Trump's announcement he will moderate a GOP debate in Iowa on December 27.

O'Donnell already has a longstanding feud with Trump because he believes Trump lied about running for president to avail of all the cheap publicity that accompanied it. 

Trump's upcoming debate, scoffed O'Donnell, will simply be 'immoderately moderated by a reality show judge.'


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O'Donnell also took a shot at what he considers Trump's competely overestimated wealth.

In a report that ran on Huffington Post on Tuesday O'Donnell claimed that Trump 'lies about his modest wealth' and 'simply plays a billionaire on TV.'

O'Donnell also poured cold water on Trump's recent claim that he 'studied polls at the Wharton School of Finance.'

"Donald,' O'Donnell fumed, 'I really do believe that somebody will be worse off if you endorse a Republican candidate for president. And I don't believe you studied polls at Wharton, and I don't believe you know a lot about polls. You were an undergraduate at Wharton for two years in the mid-1960s. That's practically before polls were invented."

O'Donnell concluded by saying that 'Wharton teaches business, not political science' and he thundered that Trump is simply a 'reflexive liar.'