Limerick man Kamal Ibrahim (24) has won the Mr. World title in South Korea.

Ibrahim told the Limerick Post that he beat 73 other contestants to the title and that he was very proud of his achievement.

"I came hoping to make top 15, that was my goal. I think pride is the strongest feeling right now; I keep thinking of my country, my family, my girlfriend.''

Ibrahim works as model for the Celia Holman Agency and as a promoter with Trinity Rooms nightclub in Limerick City.

Ken O'Connell, owner of the Old Quarter Pub in Limerick, paid for Ibrahim's flights to South Korea, while Trinity Rooms sponsored his swimwear.

Ibrahim will receive $67,000 in prize money and several modeling contracts for winning the winning the Mr. World crown.

All contestants had to partake in "James Bond style" competitions around Seoul, Muju and other parts of Korea.

Ibrahim also volunteered for Habitat for Humanity International and also modeled in a charity show for the UN’s International Vaccine Institute.

O'Connell praised Ibrahim's efforts and said that the Irish may need some multi cultural help to win these sort of awards.

"It just goes to show. We may need influences from other cultures - Kamal is half Italian- but we did it. This is his shot now to make the money while he can."