A new online archive spans 100 years of Irish history, as told by an Irish grandmother from each of the 32 counties.

'Mothers of Modern Ireland: A People's History' is a landmark film oral archive of Irish grandmothers now available online.

Over the past five years, independent filmmakers have been recording the oral histories of 32 grandmothers from across Ireland. They have now assembled a landmark film archive which can be viewed at mothersofmodernireland.com.

Filmed in beautiful HD, this unique people's history shuns the politicians, generals and businessmen in favour of a mother's perspective: the farmer's wife, the nursemaid, or the seamstress. The 32 women each represent one of the counties of Ireland and tell both an intimate story of family life, and individual views on wide-sweeping political activity.

Viewers can see how The Troubles have affected people in different ways across the island, or hear stories of how far-reaching the church's influence has been in every aspect of Irish life. There are also stories of sex, music, food, love, emigration, death and ghosts.

The film archive has been created by Fragments, a London-based independent production company for South Tipperary County Museum, supported by the Department of Arts, Heritage and the Gaeltacht and private donors.

Visit the archive now at mothersofmodernireland.com.

Watch Eileen Coyne from County Sligo talking about Ireland’s drinking culture.


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