The mother of Joanne Creegan, a 32-year-old Dublin woman who was killed in the North Tower of the World Trade on 9/11, has said that she forgives Osama Bin Laden for his crimes and hopes that he will rest in peace.

Joanna, from Churchtown, Dublin was working on the 105th floor of the North Tower as PA with Cantor Fitzgerald when the first plane hit. Her sister, Grace, who worked in the South Tower managed to escape.

Speaking to the Evening Herald, Mary said "May the Lord have mercy on his soul. We all feel blessed that we hold no hatred…Why perpetuate the poison? Why continue the hatred?...“He must have been burning with hate, he was not a happy man. I wouldn’t like to be in his head.”

Joanne had moved to New York with her sister Grace. They bought apartment, just two floors apart, in Brooklyn Heights. The pair were inseparable. They sent each other emails throughout the day and watched TV together at night.

In the New York Times "Portraits of Grief" her sister Grace spoke about how difficult it have been for her since her sister's death. She said "She was an excellent big sister…Sometimes it just hits me that I'll never see her again. I won't get to grow old with her."



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Joanne Creegan, a 32-year-old Dublin woman was killed in the North Tower of the World Trade on 9/11