The mother of Sharon Velasquez, one of the six South Hadley teens facing felony charges resulting from the suicide of Irish student Phoebe Prince, has said that life for her daughter has turned into a living hell.

Angeles Chanon says that her daughter, while studying for her GED, cannot return to class in her South Hadley High School and is haunted by the suicide of, 15-year-old, Phoebe Prince.

Sharon Velazquez is being charged with violation of civil rights resulting bodily injury and stalking. The 16-year-old has completed a pre-trial hearing and she will be tried with one of the other accused, who is also a minor, Flannery Mullins. It is alleged that Phoebe Prince hanged herself in January following relentless verbal and cyber-abuse at the hands of these six teens, who are being called the "South Hadley Six".

Chanon says that her daughter is finding everyday-life difficult. Speaking to Newsweek she said that Sharon cannot turn on the television without seeing Phoebe's smiling face or her own picture staring back at her. Her daughter has been too scared to leave the house following death threats and prank calls and sits at home most days, reading and listening to music.

A rock has also been thrown through a second story window in their house along with many nasty unsigned letters which were delivered by hand. Some of them even called for her daughter to be "raped and killed".

"I don’t know if I can even describe what my family has been through," said Sharon's mother, who spoke to Newsweek, in the presence of her lawyer. "The cameras in our faces, the harassment, the letters—I’d come home and people would be in the parking lot waiting for me."

Sharon's attorney will attend a conference in the superior court on November 17th.