The mother of a student charged in the Phoebe Prince suicide case has denied her daughter had any ill will towards her. The mother of Sharon Chanon Velazquez stated she came from a home of  "strong values.”

She told the Boston Herald her daughter was suspended after an argument with the Irish-born Phoebe a month before her suicide.

“She exchanged a couple of words with her,” said Angeles Chanon. “My daughter never fought with her or said, ‘Go harm yourself,’ or ‘I hate you.’”

Sharon Chanon Velazquez, 16, broke down when she learned she had been indicted in the case yesterday. She was charged as a youthful offender with stalking and violation of civil rights resulting in bodily injury.

“We have strong values, and I don’t like injustice, and injustice includes bullying or being racist,” her mother said, stating that she grounded the teen at the time of the altercation in addition to the school suspension.

“Phoebe was calling her names. They’re teenagers. They call names,” Chanon said. “She did not physically assault (her). I know she knows better than that. I wouldn’t accept that.

“She didn’t do any of those things, but I guess we have to fight,” Chanon said. “My daughter is not a violent kid.

“It’s very unfortunate to know what happened to that girl. I can hardly imagine what that family is going through and is still going through,” she added.