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US cop says Irish cops need to carry firearms too - POLL

Irish American homicide detective, Edward Foy, has witnessed Irish police being intimidated on the street by intoxicated offenders. He believes the time has come for Irish police to carry guns...READ MORE

Anti-gay leader Maggie Gallagher threatens 'bloody mess'

Maggie Gallagher, the increasingly pugnacious leader of the National Organization for Marriage (NOM) is amping up the anti-gay rhetoric in a new and alarming fashion...READ MORE

There are good priests and bishops in Ireland today - Naming three men who have made a major difference

A truly pastoral church is what is needed in Ireland today, one responsive to the wishes of the people rather than a bureaucracy in Rome at the Vatican...READ MORE

‘Bel Ami’ star Colm Meaney amazed at Robert Pattinson’s crazed fans – VIDEO

“In Budapest we were shooting and it was mad really was like what you would imagine was Beatlemania was like,” Meaney said...READ MORE

Irish American Brooklyn DA makes murder of Leiby Kletzky a ‘priority’

Brooklyn DA Charles Hynes is making the murder of an eight year old boy, Leiby Kreitzy, his top priority after claims his office was moving to slowly...READ MORE

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