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U2's '360 Tour' show in New Jersey wows adoring fans - VIDEO

Give me one more chance, let me be your lover tonight...' With that, U2 started their longest set on their U2360 tour in front of a rabid, adoring crowd on a hot summer night in Jersey...READ MORE

Bill Frist, the downfall of online poker and jobs being lost in Dublin and the rest of the World

Ever ask yourself ‘Why?’ Ever consider quietly to yourself, ‘I wonder why did the Feds shut down all the US Online poker sites on April 15th past?’...READ MORE

Bill O'Reilly defends Murdoch in hacking case but forgets he backed jail for Sarah Palin hacker

Bill O'Reilly is the latest from the Fox stable to jump to the defense of beleaguered Rupert Murdoch who after all does sign his lucrative paycheck...READ MORE

What to eat with your pint of Guinness - delicious food pairings - PHOTOS & RECIPES

As thermometers across the US reach a sweltering 100F this week  the time is right for a cold frosty beverage to keep cool. Particularly one that’s good for you. (Hey cartoon animals can’t be wrong).  I refer to none other than to the mother’s milk or Guinness...READ MORE

‘Glee Project’ star Damian McGinty talks about his success and showbiz

Hailing from Derry, Damian McGinty is representing Ireland as one of the 12 chosen finalists for the Oxygen Network’s “The Glee Project.”..READ MORE