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Dublin pub that barred the Queen burnt to the ground in suspicious circumstances

The Dublin pub owned by the controversial father of Celtic striker Anthony Stokes has been burnt to the ground in suspicious circumstances...READ MORE

Global cooling as Ireland records coldest June and July in 50 years

So much for global warming! Ireland’s summer heatwave is still missing in action – and there’s no sign of it turning up anytime soon...READ MORE

Gabby Giffords' inspiring appearance at a time of 'ridiculous' debate

The appearance of Gabby Giffords on the floor of the house last night was an inspirational moment for the ages...READ MORE

Cockpit terror revealed in Air France A330 Airbus recordings

Recently released transcripts of the cockpit recordings now revealed the panic that descended in the cockpit prior to the crash...READ MORE

Gabby Giffords returns but Biden gaffe ruins the civility

Reflecting an ugly partisan side, totally beneath the dignity of the office of Vice President, Joe Biden called fellow Americans terrorists. To compound the offensive name calling, it happened today, the day Congresswoman Gabby Giffords made her triumphant and miraculous return to Washington DC. Can it get any worse for the Vice President? READ MORE