A recent poll has shown that a stunning four out of five people in Ireland think the coalition government is dysfunctional and should go.

Eighty-two percent of the Irish public said trust had broken down between the two governing parties, Fianna Fail and the Green party, in a poll conducted by the Sunday Independent and Quantum.

The poll surveyed 500 households last week, and found a majority of people wanted an election before summer, believing that the coalition government has been fatally damaged by recent events, such as the resignations of Willie O’Dea and Trevor Sargent, following scandals.

However, the opposition parties are not particularly popular either, the Independent reported.

The political climate this week will worse when more information will emerge regarding public finances and unemployment in the latest exchequer returns and Live Register figures.

Scandals aside, Ireland’s troubled economy remains the key issue.

In a letter to the Sunday Independent published today, one woman wrote: “ I am totally cheesed off with … politicians trying to justify their huge salaries.

“My only income is the princely sum of €223.70 ($304) per week. I did not expect an increase in the last budget, but Brian Lenihan took €8 from my disability allowance. He felt I should share the pain.”

Things are not what they used to be in Dublin