The ski resort where Natasha Richardson tragically lost her life last March has adopted new regulations that all young skiers and snowboarders wear helmets for the upcoming season.

Richardson, the wife of Irish actor Liam Neeson and member of the Redgrave family, suffered a traumatic head injury after a skiing accident in the Quebec resort of Mont Tremblant.

The company who runs the resort, Intrawest, vowed it would advise all snowboarders and skiers to wear helmets ahead of the ski season, which begins in a few weeks.

While adults can decide whether they want to wear headgear, the decision taken by Intrawast means it will be compulsory for youths and children on the 11 resorts the company runs to wear protective headgear.

Richardson, 45, fell during a skiing lesson. A spokeswoman for the ski resort issued a statement at the time saying:

"Ms Richardson fell during a ski lesson but she didn't show any signs of injury. The ski patrol looked at her and reported that she was laughing and joking.

"'They told her to see someone but she insisted that she was fine and just wanted to go back to her room. The instructor and two members of the patrol accompanied her to her hotel room.

"She refused to see anyone and signed a paper saying she didn't want to see a doctor.

"After an hour or so she said she had a headache, then they called 911. She was not wearing a helmet. The law in Quebec does not require it but we always suggest it but cannot impose it," the ski resort said.

Richardson was taken to Hopital du Sacre-Coeur de Montreal and transferred to Lenox Hill Hospital  in New York the next day.

The Tony-award-winning actress died on March 18.