Former White House intern Monica Lewinsky is reportedly shopping a tell-all book about her infamous affair with then President Bill Clinton.

The Daily Mail reports on the speculation surrounding the possible Lewinsky memoir. The book, which is reportedly already seeing a price tag of around $12 million, could wreak havoc on Bill and Hillary Clinton’s marriage, Bill’s health, and Hillary's potential 2016 presidential run.

No deal has been finalized yet, but sources close to Lewinsky are saying that her going public could be a form of revenge. Lewinsky believes that her reputation was destroyed, while Clinton got away relatively unscathed in the wake of the affair.

“Her book could be more than just revenge, it could kill him!” a source said of Bill Clinton, who has already endured several heart surgeries.

“Monica has tried to move forward, but the nightmare of her affair with Bill still haunts her,” a friend told the Enquirer. “She’s facing 40 without a man in her life, and seething about the way her reputation was destroyed as the whole world watched.”

Set to be included in the book are rumored love-letters between the two, as well as Clinton’s voicing of his desire to have a threesome. A friend of Lewinsky said that Bill had referred to Hillary as a “cold fish,” and had deemed their sex life “nonexistent.”

“Monica can describe how Bill went on and on about his insatiable desire for three-way sex, orgies and the use of sex toys of all kinds,” the friend added.

Also in the book are deeper details of how Lewinsky terminated a pregnancy during the height of her relationship with Clinton. The child, fathered by a Pentagon employee named just ‘Thomas,’ left a void in Lewinsky’s life that she has never been able to fill.

“For years, Monica tried to protect Bill out of a misplaced sense of loyalty,” a source told the Enquirer.

"But she no longer feels that way, and her memoir is his worst nightmare.”

During her 1998 testimony in front of a Grand Jury, an immunity deal prohibited Lewinsky from exposing intimate details about their affair in an expose penned by Andrew Morton that was released that same year.

“But that agreement expired in 2001, and when Bill published his autobiography My Life three years later, Monica felt betrayed by him all over again,” said the source.

Following the scandal, Lewinsky moved to London hoping to escape some of the media attention. There, she completed her masters degree and worked as a news correspondent.

Despite leaving the country, Lewinsky has left an undeniable mark on the Clinton legacy. For instance, the Rabbi who offered the convocation at the recent Democratic National Convention was Lewinsky's former rabbi - who had publicly condemned Clinton during the sex scandal. The Rabbi spoke only to be followed on stage by Clinton’s speech.

In a separate incident, Hillary Clinton was taunted by protesters who chanted “Monica! Monica” during visit to Egypt as U.S. Secretary of State.