Looks like it's not just the CIA taking care of business in Ireland this week. The children of Offaly are donning their special agent sunglasses as they protect US President Barack Obama's ancestral home in County Offaly, Ireland.

The kids from the tiny town are fascinated with the men in their dark suits and sunglasses and are immitating the secret service's role of protecting the President.

Wearing her white rimmed shades, four-year old Katie and her team of friends are standing guard outside the Kearney home in Moneygall.

Falmouth Kearney, the great-great-great great grandfather of US President Obama, emigrated from Moneygall to New York City at the age of 19 in 1850, eventually settling in Indiana.

The real-life US security agents and Irish foreign affairs officials have been busy arranging sufficient security throughout the past few days in view of the locals, so it's no wonder that the kids have noticed and are role-playing.

American flags and Irish tricolours were raised side by side on Main Street by children from Moneygall National School, watched by principal Eugene Ryan says The Independent website.

Speaking outside her pub at the flag-raising ceremony, 80-year-old Julia Hayes said she was "very proud" of her area.

"We never thought we'd see the likes of it here," she told the Independant.

Mr Ryan said the school is "chaos": "The children are doing lots of American history and work on the president. They've been doing research on the Obama family tree."

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