A five week old baby is to named in honor of Barack Obama – days after the US President rescued his soother on the main street in Moneygall.

Jamie Nolan is to have Barack added as his third name when he is christened in Cork next month.

The tot met President Obama in the Offaly village on Monday when the American leader came to his rescue.

Nolan, a Cork resident, was only in Moneygall as his father Brian hails from the area.

He made headlines across the world when he was plucked from the massive crowds and hugged by President Obama on his return to his ancestral homeland.

As Jamie was handed back to his delighted family his soother fell from his mouth and dropped to the pavement.

President Obama immediately picked it up and returned it to Jamie’s family with a warning to wash it before giving it back to the child.

Mum Caroline, who has said she will remember Obama’s kindness for the rest of her life, is to have the soother framed.

And dad Brian, a coffee shop owner in Cork, has revealed that Jamie will be christened James John Barack Nolan next month in honor of the occasion.

“We want Jamie to remember the day forever and this is the perfect way,” Brian told local media.

“We were determined that he would come to Moneygall with us despite being so young and how we will add Barack to his name in honor of the President.

“We also plan to write to the President at the White House and send him a family photo from the christening.”



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