A  passenger bound for Jamaica attempted to smuggle almost $12,000 out of the U.S. hidden in Irish Spring soap boxes in Philadelphia last weekend.

The Montego Bay-bound passenger was apprehended last Saturday after Customs and Border Protection (CBP) officers seized $11,143. Under law travelers have to report more than $10,000.

The man claimed to be in possession of $3,000 cash but after inspection CBP officers made the discovery in six Irish Spring soap boxes in his luggage.

The officers returned $200 to the passenger and seized the remaining money and released the passenger.

Port director for the Area Port of Philadelphia, Allan Martocci said this was an important lesson for passengers.

"The easiest way to hold on to your currency is to report it," he told NBC.

“This passenger went to great lengths to deliberately conceal his currency,” said Martocci, adding “Passengers who conceal currency to avoid reporting requirements are essentially smuggling money out of the country. They risk losing their currency and may face criminal charges.”

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