The mother of a young girl being bullied in school has told People magazine that the Phoebe Prince story saved her daughter’s life.

Carla Carey of Foxboro, MA, said, "My daughter said things like, 'I can't go on,' and 'Nobody will help me and nobody can help me,' "

Carey's daughter had been bullied relentlessly in school and had, on several occasions, reported the harassment to school officials.

According to Carey the school officials said they would look into her complains but "could never corroborate the incidents."

For weeks Carey heard her daughter in tears.

The story is hauntingly similar to Phoebe Prince. Taunted day in and day out in school by bullies, reported problem to school officials only to have nothing done about it.

Unanswered cries for help.

After reading about Phoebe's suicide, Carey got afraid and finally called the police and found a hospital bed for her daughter. She spent six days being treated for "emotional distress."

Although her daughter remains fragile, she takes comfort in knowing she intervened before it was too late.

"I learned the warning signs," says Carey.

"Phoebe Prince's suicide saved my daughter's life."

Phoebe Prince's case helps to save lives