It hasn't exactly been the smoothest campaign roll out for Mitt Romney. This week his beleagured team suffered its third major spelling gaffe in a week, this time misspelling conservative titan Ronald Reagan's name as Ronald Regan.

A slideshow created by a Romney pollster showed the approval ratings for a series of US Presidents six months before the November elections.

According to the Daily Telegraph, Romney staffers hoped to demonstrate that President Barack Obama was 'on the bubble' with approval ratings hovering around 47 percent, a barometer of those who were re-elected and those who were voted out.

George W Bush was re-elected with 47 percent in 2004, but Gerald Ford was voted out with 47 percent in 1976.

Unfortunately for the Romney campaign they claimed that Ronald 'Regan' had 53 per cent approval ratings during his reelection campaign.

Twitter users immediately reigned fire on the latest gaffe.

Hapahaoleboy tweeted: 'Mitt Romney's new slogan: Let's take Amercia back to the time of Ronald Regan!'

PipsBadIdeas tweeted: 'If Romney is such a good businessman why can't he hire a staff that can spell?'

He concluded: 'Romney's campaign has thus far taught me that #Regan was president of #Amercia #proofreading'

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