The American tourist who was found alive in Donegal after being missing for five days says she blacked out and can remember nothing about her ordeal.

Kelly Jones, 41, was found in an empty house just 300 yards from the HQ of the massive rescue effort in Glencolmcille in south-west Donegal.

However, police now say she had just recently arrived at the rectory which had been searched twice in days previously and that she had been somewhere else before that.

Jones, a key hill walker, told cops she blacked out the morning that she disappeared.



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She said her next memory was five days later, the day she was found when she woke up outside, cold and afraid and broke into the empty home for shelter.

It has come to light that Jones has spent many months in Ireland in the past hillwalking and was due to spend a month there and in Scotland when the incident happened.

She will now cut short her trip and return to Georgia with her father who flew in from the U.S. to be with her.

Police say there will be no further inquiries.

The estimated cost of the search operation which featured helicopters, local police, volunteers and rescue teams was put at $100,000.