A 14-week-old puppy called Taz is being regarded as a ‘miracle pup’ after he survived eleven stab wounds after being left for dead in a dumpster.

Reporter News writes that owner Larry Dollins, Jr. (42) of Abilene, Texas, is facing one count of animal cruelty and is being held under $25,000 bail at the Texas Taylor County Jail.

Miracle puppy Taz, who is described as having a “really loving attitude” by Dr Natalie Matthews, is being monitored at Key City Veterinary Clinic in Abilene and is expected to survive.

Dr Matthews had nothing but good things to say about little Taz. “She's such a loving dog. She wags her tail and wants to be loved on. She's an innocent animal and has a very positive outlook on life despite what she's been through in the last 24 hours. She's a really remarkable animal."

With Taz’s abuse being placed in the media, Dr Matthews expects the puppy to be adopted by someone on the waiting list within 24 hours.


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Officers from the Abilene Police Department were informed about the abuse and responded to a call at Dollins’ home.

Detective with the APD Ernest  Moscarelli said ,“There's some good people in the neighborhood — and we got involved. From there, a report was taken. We know who the owner of the dog is and who was involved in hurting the dog. ... I really don't know the motive, I am being told several things, like the dog may have been sick. But after talking to the veterinarian, that's not the case. I'll know more when ... we ask him that."

A neighbor of Dollins, Cheryl Ascol, saw the crime take place and remembers the stabbing as “malicious.”

“I screamed at him and told him to please stop stabbing the dog," said Ascol. "But he kept on walking toward me with the dog. I ran back inside and started calling everyone.”

Dollins, a paroled felon, could face up to two years in jail for the felony of animal abuse.

Taz, a 14-week old female puppyAssociated Press