A young Cork girl given just weeks to live last October has celebrated her fourth birthday at a New York hospital.

Megan Malone is undergoing ongoing treatment for a rare brain tumor at the City’s Children’s Presbyterian Hospital.

She celebrated her fourth birthday at the weekend having stunned doctors and amazed her family with her survival.

Parents John and Sheila Malone moved to New York with their other children Chloe, Dylan and baby Tristan in December when Megan was accepted for the specialist Head Start Programme.

Two months earlier, doctors at a Dublin hospital had told them to take Megan home to die as there was nothing more they could do for her.

“We are all so delighted that she’s still alive and with us for her fourth birthday,” her father John told the Irish Independent.

“Hopefully we will celebrate many more birthday parties with her in the future. She is in flying form altogether so long may that continue.”

Just last month doctors at the New York hospital confirmed that there is no longer any trace of cancer in Megan’s brain. Tumors on her spine also appear to have completely cleared.

Her family hopes to return home to Cork later this year, in time to allow Megan to begin playschool in September.



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Megan receiving treatment at New York's Presbyterian HospitalIrish Independent