An Irishwoman had a miracle escape in the horrific motorway crash in England that cost seven lives.
Ciara Neno, 39, described how the cars in front of them suddenly “‘disappeared’.

“We were driving north at about 8.30pm and has just come onto the motorway at Taunton. The road was clear and there was no fog. There was an Iceland truck 80 yards ahead of us, probably more, and it slowed and disappeared. It was like someone had thrown a blanket over it,” she told the Irish Independent.

The 39-year-old who is from Stillorgan in Dublin but now lives in Somerset told how her husband Roger (54)  tried to stop

“We stopped just one or two feet behind the truck. Roger said ’Hang on we are going to get hit’. We can’t figure out how we weren’t. It was like an invisible shield around us. It was like a miracle,” she said.

“We couldn’t decide whether to get out of the car. Just as we were about to, we saw another car coming down the fast lane, hit the barrier and come back towards us without its engine.

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“There was a ring or cars around us. When we got out we thought there was rain falling on us but it was fuel. There was fire and explosions all around us.

“Roger got a wheel brace and started smashing windows to get people out. He got to about three. He got one young girl out of one car but there was a woman trapped underneath. There were people pinned to crash barriers. There was screaming all around.”

She said: “It was like a living hell, the most terrifying thing I have ever experienced. We’ve been through a really horrible ordeal, but people have lost their lives and I am conscious that people are suffering".

Police are blaming smoke from a major fireworks display in a nearby rugby ground for the sudden lack of vision on the motorway.