As part of the documentary “Apparitions”, which aired in Ireland, Marion Carroll discussed the day that she was cured of her crippling disease, multiple sclerosis, at the Marian Shrine in Knock.
Though many have reported visitations of the Virgin Mary at Knock over the years Marion’s case it the first miracle. The officials at Knock believed that the authenticity of her case warranted that it be sent to the Vatican to be authenticated. It is currently under review there. Hers is the first miracle from Knock to be sent to the Vatican.
Back in 1989 Marion was literally crippled with pain. She was carried into the Basilica at Knock on a stretcher and brought to the alter where a bishop blessed her.
In the interview she said “I was brought over to the Basilica and it was at the time that I got this beautiful feeling, a magnificent feeling.  It was like a whispering breeze telling me that if the stretcher was opened I could get up and walk.”
After she realized what had happened she said she didn’t know what to do. She said “I didn't say anything in case I looked stupid. When I got back to St. John's-the rest home for the sick at Knock, I asked for the stretcher to be opened and I was able to stand up and I even drank a cup of tea unaided. There was no stiffness and no pain, it was like experiencing every bit of happiness you have ever dreamed of".
Marion now spends her time helping in the Church and speaking to those who feel in need of divine aid. She joked “When you work for the lord you’re given a mop and a bucket. So that’s what I do for him.”
She has written her autobiography about her experience and she speaks about it with those who ask but she also feels that her cure was a personal gift to her. She said “I meet a lot of people who tell me that they had this or that experience with our Lord and I tell them ‘That’s beautiful but that’s a gift to you. It doesn’t mean that you should go out and share it’.”
On September 3, 1989, Marion entered Knock Shrine in a stretcher. She had recently been bought an electric wheelchair. She said that she had stopped her family taking any photographs of her in her weak and ill condition as she believed that she would soon die and wished her children to only remember her as a healthy woman.
More than ten years on and Marion has no symptoms of her illness. Doctors are dumbfounded. They agree that no combination of the drugs or therapies, which she had been subscribed, could have cured her so instantly and completely.
She walked out of Knock that day, cured.