Investigations into the collapse of part of the Dublin-Belfast rail line are continuing today.

A 20-meter section of the viaduct across Malahide fell into the sea on Friday. Miraculously, no one was injured in the collapse, but Belfast to Dublin train service will be disrupted for weeks.

Mark Gleeson of the passenger organization Rail Users Ireland told the British Press Association: "This viaduct carries some of the busiest commuter trains in Ireland, it is nothing short of a miracle that the collapse did not result in a serious accident and loss of life."

It is believed that subsidence on the embankment caused the collapse. A train driver saw that part of the embankment had shifted, and miraculously avoided a serious incident by stopping his train in time. The driver reported the incident, and all other trains were immediately stopped from using the line.

A short time later, a portion of the rail line crashed into the water.

All northern commuter services have been suspended until further notice, and a bus transfer service has been put in place for those traveling between Dublin and Belfast.