A man, now in his 30s, is suing the Diocese of New Ulm, Minnesota, claiming he was sexually abused by a Catholic Irish priest,  Francis Markey, in 1982.

The alleged victim, named only as John Doe 103, is taking advantage of a new law easing Minnesota’s statute of limitations for victims of childhood sexual abuse, according to the Associated Press.

His attorney Pat Noacker filed the lawsuit in Brown County. The lawsuit accuses the Diocese of New Ulm of negligence.

John Doe 103 alleges that the Catholic Church knew Markey had been accused of sexually abusing children elsewhere and knew he had undergone treatment for pedophilia at three separate facilities in his native Ireland, England, and New Mexico.

The Irish priest was extradited from Indiana to Ireland in 2010 to face charges of sexually abusing another 15-year-old boy there in 1968. Markey died, aged 84, before he could go to trial.

The lawsuit states that John Doe 103 claims he was abused in 1982, at the age of about 15 years old, while Markey was serving at the parish of Henderson.

The Diocese of Ulm released a statement saying it “deeply regrets the long-lasting and devastating effects of sexual misconduct on the part of clergy.”

They added, “Had we known he never would have served in our diocese.”

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