Mickey Harte, the father of Michaela, who was murdered on her honeymoon, has spoke about how he was profoundly moved by the words of the Tibetin Leader Dalai Lama, when he heard him speak in Limerick recently.

The Tyrone GAA boss and his son-in-law John McAreavy made the long journey from Armagh to Limerick this week, to hear the spiritual leader speak.

"We wanted to be here, we had the opportunity to be here and we're grateful for the opportunity," he told the Belfast Telegraph. "We hoped we would find something of value and we have."

More than 3,000 people were in attendance at the University of Limerick’s sports arena, to hear the exiled Nobel peace laureate speak on the final day of his two day visit to Ireland.

Harte, who lost his daughter and two brothers over the six months described the Dalai Lama’s talk as a very personal experience.

"That's a real strong message for anybody, of the value and power of forgiveness," he said. "Not every one of us can take that on board to that extent, but there is a certain lesson there for us to aspire to."

Speaking about his own personal loss he said: "Every day is emotional."

The popular GAA manager revealed that the Buddhist leader’s speech reminded him of the most important things in life.

"He's a special man and the simplicity of his message is profound," he said. "Maybe that's what we ought to look for - the simple things in life. That's where real value lies and I think we all learnt that today."