The MichiganDemocratic party has outlined a plan to win state Supreme Court elections by  nominating female Irish Americans.

Democratsin Michigan think that voters prefer Irish female candidates in a state Supreme Court Justice, according to a leaked memo.

“Males lose to Irish females,” the state party said. “All-woman ticket contrasts favorably against male incumbents,” said the memo, which was obtained by the Mackinac Center states.

Titled "2012 Michigan Supreme Court Campaign Plan: The Last Chance to Restore the Michigan Supreme Court," the presentation lays out the pivotal role female Irish Americans play in the elections.

"Male Justices: Incumbent Disadvantages in 2012," it says, "The last 3 incumbents to lose (1984, 2008, 2010) were all males who lost to Irish-surnamed females.”

State supreme court candidates are nominated for by both Republican and Democratic parties.

According to Michigan Capitol Confidential, the Democratnominees are Wayne County Circuit Court Judge Connie Marie Kelley, Bridget Mary McCormack and 46th District Court Judge Sheila R. Johnson.

TheRepublican nominated candidates are incumbents Justice Steve Markman and Justice Brian Zahra, and Oakland County Circuit Court Judge Colleen A. O'Brien.

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Inside Michigan Politics Editor Bill Ballenger said the plan could work.

"I think, generally speaking, women do have a little bit better success running in judicial races than men do," Ballenger said. "This year, two of the three Democrat-nominated candidates have Irish-sounding names — Connie Marie Kelley and Bridget Mary McCormack. The thirdDemocraticcandidate is, Shelia Johnson. I suppose some people might actually think that Sheila sounds Irish as well.

"That said, the one Republican-nominated candidate who isn't an incumbent is also a woman with an Irish name," Ballenger said. "That's Colleen A. O'Brien.