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Meanwhile back in Ireland Michaela’s husband, John McAreavey is trying to recover from this great tragedy. The Belfast Telegraph revealed that he placed a handwritten love letter into the coffin with his wife.

Mourners at the family home spotted the letter. The women who spotted the note broke down crying. She said “Let me tell you ... it was utterly heartbreaking. Some of the fellas in there would be tough but they’re in tears now.

“Nobody is ashamed of it because it’s just so sad. Nobody cared if they were crying out loud or not. They can’t help it.”

Friends told the newspaper that McAreavey cannot bear to move in to the home he bought with Michaela before the honeymoon. He is now spending nights in Michaela’s parent’s home where she grew up.

One of his friends said “John is numb. It hasn’t sunk in yet. Everyone keeps texting him telling him our thoughts are with him.

“He doesn’t go into much detail in his replies. He just says ‘Thanks’.

“He hasn’t talked about his feelings towards his wife’s killers or how he is trying to come to terms with her death.

“All the attention is just starting to die down and he was so caught up in all that he hasn’t had time to think.

“When he does, the pain will really start.”

Read more: Tragic Michaela Harte buried in her wedding dress - PHOTOS


Michaela McAreavey's father Mickey Harte (right) and widower John McAreavey (left) follow her coffin as it is carried to St Malachy's churchPA WIRE