What an interesting debate between Michael Moore and Sean Hannity recently on “The Sean Hannity Show” on Fox.

Both gave as good as they got and proved why these two Irish Americans are the stars of the left and right wing media, respectively.

There was one curious moment, however, when Hannity described Moore as a socialist and Moore said no he was a Christian who interpreted the message of Jesus Christ  and turned the question back on Hannity asking him if he was Catholic.

Hannity of course says yes and Moore asks him if he had been to Mass that weekend. Hannity says he was, and Moore asks him what the sermon was about.

Cue blank stare on Sean Hannity's face. He tries to joke about it but Moore sensing an advantage moves right in.

Hannity can't answer in a satisfactory fashion and he stumbles around for a bit saying he went on Saturday night, arrived late and didn't remember. It is obvious he didn't go.

No big deal, but Hannity got caught out badly. Score one for Moore, but expect Hannity to exact his revenge at some future date.