Irish dancer Michael Flatley sold his first painting at auction on Friday for €5,600.

He told the Irish Times that he was "very encouraged and a little bit stunned" at the sale.

Flately created the colorful painting, entitled 'I,' by applying paint to the soles of his shoes and then tap-dancing on a canvas.

For the painting, he danced the Al Capone solo from his show 'Celtic Tiger.'

The painting was donated to a sale of arts and antiques held to raise funds for the restoration of Christ Church Cathedral in Dublin.


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The painting, which was estimated at between €3,000 and €5,000, was auctioned at Sheppard's saleroom in Durrow, Co Laois.

“It’s magnificent – very Chinese looking," said one woman of the painting.

“I wouldn’t be mad about him; he’s a genius in his own field but I don’t like the painting," said another auction attendee.

Bidding opened at €2,000 and rose quickly.

“Don’t blame me in a few years’ time when we see these going for millions," auctioneer Michael Sheppard warned the packed room, before he brought the hammer down at €5,600 for an anonymous telephone bidder in Dublin.

"It was an amazing price for a first painting," said Sheppard's.

Afterwards, Flatley revealed that he had created other paintings using his famous feet and that he plans to do more.