A letter of historical significance has been discovered which shows Michael Collins' sincere concern over his political expenses.

The letter which was written 18-days before his death, records him offering to contribute money to a bill for a car hired for canvassing during the 1922 election. He suggested he should pay half the bill as he noted that some of the journeys were personal trips.

The letter had been written to Skibbereen attorney Tom Healy who represented Collins and seven other candidates. Collins had hired cars from local firm Johnson and Perrott for canvasing.

The attorney was concerned about the outstanding bills from the election and wrote to the candidates. On August 4th 1922 Collins received the letter and replied the same day.

“ . . . I can only say that I think it would not be fair to charge full expenses for the car which I had from Messrs. Johnson Perrot [sic] for about a week to the ELECTION FUND”, he wrote.

“Some of the journeys were private journeys, and I would say if the bill were got from Messrs. Johnson Perrot that half of it would be Election expenses and I would pay the other half myself.”

He wrote: “It is to be hoped however, that you will get the matter completed without much further trouble to yourself”. He signed it Miceál Ó Coileáin.

The letter had been in the possession of Marcie Healy, Mr Healy's daughter, since October 1957 after he passed away.

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