Self-proclaimed holy seer, Joe Coleman has posted details of the two new messages he received from the Virgin Mary on his website.

On the site, along with the messages, was an article condemning the Churches treatment of the group.

The authorities at the Marian Shrine turned Joe Coleman and his group away from the chapel where it is usual to recite the rosary. Authorities also said that no one was to be heard reciting the rosary on the grounds of the Shrine.

According to Coleman’s website, in the Virgin Mary’s message, she said “Be not upset at what is happening. You are covered with my most holy mantle today. I cry tears of great sadness at this time for my beloved sons who have been consecrated and who have chosen to turn their heart the other way - the way of The Deceiver.”

While praying silently on the grass outside he had a vision. He said “I looked up and she was there covered with rays of gold and sunshine standing on what looked like a cloud of brilliant white light surrounded by 15 angels.”

The message from the Virgin Mary also said that the Church was in great need of prayer under Pope Benedict as the force of Satan grew stronger.

Coleman said “I am deeply shocked…What has the Church come to – I knew it was bad but this is really worrying and a little sinister to tell you the truth. I realize that they (the Catholic Church has to be cautious about apparitions) but in this case they have decided that they don’t believe me. Full Stop. 

“For those devout people who do believe they should have been allowed to recite the Rosary.  The Catholic Church has fallen apart at the seams.”

He added “Whether people believe me or not when Our Lady gives me a time and date for the vision it has to be done at that time. It is extremely clear that they simply wanted to sabotage the vision.”

The article also said “First you had the abuse claims which have scandalized the world – now they are telling Catholics that they can’t pray aloud! They should be deeply ashamed of themselves.”

To date the Catholic Church has not issued any comment on Coleman’s apparitions. However, they have made it clear that they dismiss them entirely.

Coleman’s website claims that he received two messages from the Virgin Mary on May 11 at 2.16pm and 2.30pm.

The message said “Tell my people I am most happy when my most Holy and powerful Rosary is recited. This hurts The Evil One and makes him cringe.”

“My church is crumbling at this time of great change. My people must come in multitudes to reclaim what belongs rightly to them - my most holy sacred chapel where within I dwell, the Father and the precious son Jesus the Christ. Tell my children to pray even harder now for Pope Benedict as he is under great threat from Satan.”

In the second part of the Virgin Mary’s message, according to Coleman, she said “I request that my most Holy Rosary be recited everywhere around the world on the 4th June 2010. This will greatly help with bringing peace back to Mother Earth. It will help dissolve the contamination in my Church everywhere.”

Making her next appointment with Coleman she said “Today the skies over Knock are covered with my army of light angels. You must rest now my child. I shall return to Knock at 2pm on Wednesday the 14th July 2010 where my people must and will pray my most holy rosary in my sacred Apparition Chapel.”



Joe Coleman praying at Knock