In a desperate bid to avoid any chance of a homicide rap Melinda Brady is cooperating with prosecutors in the case against her husband David Laffer who shot and killed four innocent people in a pharmacy in Long Island last week.

A law enforcement official said "She's cooperating with investigators and she's trying to make a deal for herself," according to New York Post reports.  Brady (29) repeated "He did it! He did all this!" when she met with the prosecutor this earlier this week.

The pain-killer addicted wife also waived her right to be released without indictment. This means that she will remain in prison to help further investigations.

Mary Elizabeth Abbate, David Laffer's lawyer, says that Brady is singing to the prosecutors to save herself. She said "It's every indication that she is cooperating…. A getaway driver is the quintessential example of an accomplice."

Brady has admitted that she planed the robbery, to rob painkillers. She is being charged with third-degree robbery. However it is possible that she will face more charges including felony murder.


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However, Brady has told prosecutors that she did not know her husband had a gun when he walked into the Haven Drugs store in Medford on Father's Day.

The grand jury has already convened and is considering the evidence against her. Her next court appearance will by July 15.

David Laffer (33) allegedly executed the pharmacist and the teenage store clerk along with two customers who entered the shop. He stole a bag of thousands of powerful painkillers to sate Brady's addiction to pills.

His lawyer, Abbate, expects Laffer, an unemployed army vet, to face four counts of first-degree murder as well as gun and robbery charges. At his hearing his lawyer painted an ugly picture of her cowardly client. She said "He's never been arrested before, and anyone who is arrested for the first time is scared to death. That's not to minimize the pain of the families…At this point, he has not confessed to anything.

She added that he is "scared to death."

It was not clear if Brady had testified in front of a jury against her husband.

Melinda Brady - husband robbed and murdered four people to get her drugs