Melinda Brady, the wife of David Laffer, who shot four people in a Long Island pharmacy on Father’s Day has pleaded not guilty to charges of robbery and obstruction. Records show that she had planned to steal the drugs but never intended to kill anyone.

Brady (29) was silent during the hearing at the Suffolk County court, on Long Island. Her bail has been set at $1.5 million bond or $750,000 cash. She did not make bail.

Suffolk County police said Brady had “discussed robbing the pharmacy on [Saturday] night.”

Speaking to the New York Post one source said that Brady could see more charges added to her sheet on Monday, when a grand jury is convened.

The source said “We'll review evidence and hear testimony and possibly upgrade charges or add new charges," a source said.

A felony complaint compiled by the police stated that Brady drove the getaway car and states that Brady though Laffer was only going to “only threaten the pharmacist to steal drugs." She had given him a “prescription written to her to use in the robbery."



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Brady had been at St. Catherine of Siena Medical Center in Smithtown, LI, for an unspecified medical ailment. Other reports stated that she had had oral surgeries recently.

Laffer walked into the pharmacy with a .45 caliber gun concealed in a bag. He chatted with pharmacist Raymond Ferguson and then without warning shot him in the chest. When Ferguson fell to the ground Laffer turned and shot Jennifer Mejia (17) twice.  He then shot Ferguson twice more in the head.

The police said that they believe Laffer shot the two employees as he believed they would recognize him. Alone in the store Laffer filled a bag with thousands of hydrocodone and norco painkillers

Two customers  Jamie Taccetta ( 33) and Bryon Sheffield (71) walked in. Laffer allegedly shot them from behind, killing them.

Police also said that the couple was high on painkillers on Wednesday when they were arrested.
Her husband was arraigned on Thursday on first degree murder charges. He pleaded not guilty and was denied bail.