The Duchess of Sussex Meghan Markle went against the grain by privately commending Ireland's unanimous decision to legalize abortion.

Newly-minted Royal Meghan Markle was in Ireland earlier this week with her husband, Prince Harry, when she was allegedly roped into conversations about the recent referendum at a private garden party.

While members of the Royal Family generally steer away from publicly expressing their political views, Markle reportedly declared her agreement with legalizing abortion in Ireland.

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Her opinion came to light when Senator Catherine Noone, an avid pro-choice campaigner, took to Twitter to tease details of her conversation with Markle.

It was public knowledge that the Duchess of Sussex had spoken with activists during her official Royal visit, but Senator Noone's social media update managed to cause quite a stir.  

Some users fired back, “You may have landed her in hot water there”, while others claimed that such a remark would be a “major faux pas on Meghan’s part”.

Catherine Noone (who couldn't find a single pro-life medical professional for her Committee!) is relentless.
This evening she tweeted (and later deleted) that the visitng Duchess was "pleased" with the result of the abortion referendum! @rtenews @todaysor @liveline

— Kevin O'Higgins (@kevinohigginssj) July 10, 2018

While Noone almost immediately deleted the offending tweet, screenshots and quoted tweets quickly spread like wildfire. 

When approached for a comment, Kensington Palace declined to speak on the matter.