Conor McGregor suffered a shock defeat in Vegas against Nate Diaz after moving up to the 170 lbs weight after gaining 25 pounds.

McGregor looked to have Nate Diaz in trouble in the second but got hit with a haymaker. Diaz, taller and heavier, soon had him down and in a chokehold and McGregor surrendered.

“I took the chance going up to 170,” McGregor said. “But Nate came in. I felt I took him the first round. I was inefficient with my energy. I’m humble in victory or defeat. He was efficient. I wasn’t efficient.”

I’m down but not out, McGregor stated.

"The fight was a fun fight, he stayed in there, we talked, we were verbal. It was an enjoyable fight. I would have liked to have been more efficient.

"We live and we learn."

"I'm simply heartbroken and that's it.""It's a cut, it's intense but I make it every time. I think 145 will be next, I'll defend my belt and I believe Nate will fight Dos Anjos now and I think after I defend my belt and climb myself back up I will get my shot at that lightweight belt... maybe.

"I'll keep my ear to the ground and see who the fans want to see the most.

"Then I'll sit and wait patiently for the lightweight belt to be contested and make my way back up."
Asked whether he had regrets about stepping up to 170lbs, he said: "Absolutely none. I enjoyed the whole experience.

"I thought I took him in the first round. I'm humble in victory or defeat," he said in the octagon after the fight. "I took a chance to move up a weight and it didn't work.

"I thought I landed with some good punches that got him off," a delighted Diaz said. "I started off slow but I'm faster than anyone later on. My jiu-jitsu is always there for me."

“These things happen. I’ll learn, I’ll grow. It is what it is. I’ll face it like a man, like a champ.”