Council Speaker Christine Quinn has criticized Mayor Bloomberg after he made remarks comparing the teachers union to the NRA on Friday.

Mayor Bloomberg linked the unrelated groups when he criticized the union for failing to reach an agreement with the city over teachers evaluations.

"Teachers want to work with the best, and most of them are not in sympathy with the union," Bloomberg said during his weekly radio show. "The NRA’s another place where the membership, if you do the polling, doesn’t agree with the leadership."

In response, Mayoral hopeful Quinn distanced herself from Bloomberg, according to the New York Daily News.

“To compare that with the leadership of the (teachers union) couldn’t be more wrong and incorrect and a totally ill-placed comparison that should never have been said,” Quinn said.

“Obviously they’re comments that should never have been made,” said Quinn, a mayoral hopeful and Bloomberg ally. “I couldn’t disagree with them more strongly.”

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