Carolyn Murphy, the former personal assistant and legal guardian to Maureen O’Hara, fears for the Hollywood legend after her move back to America.

Murphy is to contest O’Hara family allegations that she misused her position.

The Quiet Man star O’Hara surprised many when she returned to the States last week to live with her grandson Conor Beau Fitzsimons in Idaho.

The 92-year-old left her home in West Cork just weeks before a High Court case in Dublin against Carolyn Murphy, the woman legally charged with handling her affairs.

The Irish Examiner reports that O’Hara’s former personal assistant has asked the court to approve the enduring power of attorney O’Hara granted her in 2006.

Murphy has not spoken to O’Hara since May but until then she was in constant contact with the star.

The paper says that over the summer a competing power of attorney instruction has attempted to be established which seeks to put her nephew Charlie Fitzsimons and O’Hara’s new lawyer, Ed Fickess, jointly in charge of O’Hara’s affairs.

Murphy told the Examiner that she is concerned about O’Hara’s well being after the flight and wants to know why she left.

The former PA has also rejected the family’s allegations that she ever misappropriated O’Hara’s funds.

Murphy said she has had the accounts verified by accountants appointed by O’Hara and wants the court to make its ruling on the power of attorney issue before taking any further action.

O’Hara’s nephew Fitzsimons told the Examiner that she was cleared to fly by a doctor and had been well since the trip.

He said the decision was taken with her and was in her best interests, given the stress of the case.

Carolyn Murphy and Maureen O`Hara at a recent function at the Eccles Hotel, Glengariff, West Cork, .Niall Duffy c/o West Cork Times