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While opening a new exhibit at Foynes Flying Boat Museum, Arts and Culture Minister Jimmy Deenihan got a praised Maureen O’Hara as "a great example to people over 90", however the actress interjected to correct the government minister saying: "I am not over 90, I am 90 and will not be 91 until the 17th of August."

The Hollywood star told the gathered crowd of about 150 guests that she intended to live out her days in Foynes.

"Please God, the ones up in heaven are saying to God, ‘don’t let her up here for another while, give us some peace’. Crikey it would be wonderful to spend my 100th birthday in Foynes."

She told the Minister that she considered herself to be a very proud Dubliner and a lifelong supporter of Shamrick Rovers, as her family home in Milltown, Dublin, was near the original Rovers home ground.

"When I lived in Milltown I never missed a match and my dad was a patron of the club. I am terribly proud of Shamrock Rovers and one of these days I will go up and go to a match. But it will break my heart if they were to lose."

She told the crowd she was proud to represent Ireland in Hollywood, where was involved in 64 films throughout her career.

She said: "There was not one flop, thank God. A couple weren’t that good, but never a flop. The Quiet Man was one of the greatest pictures every made. Another great movie was Miracle on 34th Street. I am told there was a remake, but it was not as good as the original."

"Thank God, it is not as good as the original. It's very depressing when somebody does something and it is better than you did," she added.

O’Hara married Captain Charles Blair, the senior captain flying into Foynes between 1939  and 1945. In 1945 Blaire flew the final flying boat out of Foynes and the first flight into Shannon, where the based was moved to.

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