A County Donegal town lost its electricity supply at the weekend after a a pair of mating frogs  blew a massive fuse.

Residents of Letterkenny, found themselves powerless and hopping mad after the frogs mating ritual on a power box led to a major outage.

Gas station owner Kelvin Keys was among those who lost power as the  power box was located near him.

"It was a sorry sight. The ESB (Electricty Supply Board) boys told me they were probably the problem.

"The frogs... had climbed on to the wires in the box.

"The frogs look like they had been busy but they went out in a puff of smoke,"  Keys told the Irish Independent.

Keys said that while it seemed funny, he had lost business for the duration the power was out.

"We had to tell a lot of passing motorists that we simply could not give them petrol because the electricity was out."

"Yeah, I suppose you could say I was 'hopping' mad, but thankfully the ESB boys were quick to come out and get it sorted," he said.

A spokesperson for the ESB confirmed yesterday that a major power outage had occurred.