A fireball has been spotted blazing across Irish skies for the second time in ten days.

Astronomy Ireland reported that a piece of asteroid or comet entered the Earth’s atmosphere just above Ireland on Friday morning and blew apart between 6am and 7am.

On their Facebook sight, NightSky.ie reported : “It was seen blazing in the air by people all over the country and would have been traveling with the force of a small nuclear weapon. It is likely it has landed inland, but it is unlikely to have injured anyone. Although traveling at high speed when it was spotted, it would have slowed as it hit the atmosphere.”

A number of enthusiasts have reported the event and the organization have appealed to the public to report any further sightings on www.astronomy.ie/fireball.

“Large fireballs can explode with the power of an atomic bomb when they burst tens of kilometres above our heads,' said David Moore, Chairman of Astronomy Ireland.

“Fragments that survive the fall to the ground can fetch a keen meteorite hunter hundreds - if not thousands - of euro, if sold."