Mary Kennedy has three major anti-depressants in her system when she hung herself on May 16th her autopsy report shows. She hung herself in a barn on the estate she had lived in with Robert Kennedy Jr in upstate New York.

She had no alcohol in her system (she was a recovering alcoholic), reports the NY Daily News. The antidepressants were trazodone, venlafaxine and desmethylvenlafaxine all considered heavy-duty.

The wife of the son of Senator Robert Kennedy had a troubled past which included arrests for drunken driving and spats with her husband.

The coroner determined she died from asphyxia due to hanging. The autopsy report said Kennedy’s body had “a beige rope around the neck measuring 9/16 inch in diameter” and “the knot present on this rope is lying on her back with 9 loops.”

A row broke out soon after she died over her remains when her family tried to prevent Kennedy burying her in his family plot at Hyannis Port, but a court found in his favor.

Mary Richardson KennedyPeter T. Michaelis/ Politico